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Your Leadership Journey Starts Here


Motivational Speaking Virtual

Are you looking for a speaker or host for your next virtual event? Alison Fox Consulting is here to help. We can do a variety of topics listed below from 1 hour sessions to complete virtual conference experiences. Virtual experiences open you up to opportunities for weekend events as well. 



With this service, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life you dream about. Ready to get started? Workshops can include experiences like goal setting and dream board creation to conflict mediation. Check out our list of topics below. These events can be in-person/ virtual and can include conferences/retreats.


Emerging Leaders Series

This is a tailor made program specific to your needs. Topics include: Leadership 101, Digital Leaders, Women in Leadership, Conflict Management, Goal Setting, Dream Board Development, and more! These programs can be individual or series based.


After attending these sessions attendees will be able to have a deeper understanding of their leadership abilities.


Motivational Speaking- In Person

Are you ready to take your event to the next level? If you are looking for an engaging speaker to talk about leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork, finding your voice at the table then let's chat today! Alison Fox Consulting will help your audience learn the importance of digging deep and building their confidence. Check out the list of topics below for more information. 

DIY Programs picture.png

Virtual DIY Programs 

After attending any of these events, students will be able to learn a new craft as well as build their confidence and self-worth through a guided conversation.

Topics Available

Radical Rhetoric

Finding a seat at the table can be difficult, but what do you do once you get there? We will learn how to navigate spaces where voices are often shut down or not heard, and I will give you tools to use to empower yourself!


After attending this session attendees will be able to articulate their ideas in new groups, develop tools for feedback, and feel more confident in their voice! (intended for minority and women groups)

Team Talk

No matter what you do in life, you will need to work as part of a team and learn how to navigate those hard conversations. In Team Talk we will learn tools of successful teams and conflict management strategies to help you create efficient and effective teams!


After attending this session attendees will be able to create teams, navigate team dynamics, and understand how to communicate through confilcts in teams.

Additional Topics
  • Leadership 101 

  • Digital Leaders

  • Women in Leadership

  • Conflict Management 

  • Goal Setting

  • Dream Board Development

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